Auteur/autrice : Cynthia-Montier

  • Coven 01

    The term « coven » is used in magic and witchcraft to refer to a gathering of people, of individuals with similar interests or activities; an assembly or a group of insiders, usually consisting of 13 or 8 sorcerers. From the Latin « convenire », « conven » which means « to come together »; from the Middle English « covin » refers to a [lire la suite]

  • About 01

    To think of magic from a symbolic point of view and its uses as a lever for the emancipation of socially committed practices is to pose it as a support for intuition rather than as a mystical truth. Activismes Ésotériques is an open performance and research-creation programme, which explores the relationship between communities, arts and [lire la suite]

  • Activation 01

    20– 21.02.2021: « We are the flow, we are the tide. We are the weavers, we are the canvas. » – workshop & ritual in public space, 49° Nord 6° Est Frac Lorraine, Metz ↣ 15–16.03.2021: « Parures guerrières armures de soin ». – workshop & performance at the emergencies of the Robert-Pax hospital, 49° Nord 6° Est [lire la suite]

  • Activities 01

    Public tarot spread podcast: 6-7-8 June: Residency at 49° Nord 6° Est Frac Lorraine, Metz 18.06–12.09.2021: A restitution of our workshop with the students of the Master Critique-Essais, écriture de l’art contemporain, is presented in their curatorial project Nouer le reste, at the CEAAC (Centre Européen d’Actions Artistiques Contemporaines), Strasbourg. More info here