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To think of magic from a symbolic point of view and its uses as a lever for the emancipation of socially committed practices is to pose it as a support for intuition rather than as a mystical truth.

Activismes Ésotériques is an open performance and research-creation programme, which explores the relationship between communities, arts and rituals as supports for action socially committed. The aim is to create an international working group of artists and researchers to experiment with different research and creation methodologies in relation to with the idea of transmission and initiation among constituted publics and in contexts located. This working group is called a research coven, and is made up of 13 artists, activists and researchers. Activismes Esotériques is deployed in several stages that follow the rhythm of the seasons, over the span of eight months. It started at 2020's winter solstice, and will go on till 2021's autumn equinox.

Activismes Esotériques is initiated, directed and coordinated by Cynthia Montier and Sophie Prinssen, with the support of INACT festival of performing arts, the Frac Lorraine 49° Nord 6° Est, Syndicat Potentiel, in partnership with the University of Lorraine, the University of Strasbourg, and the Centre européen d'actions artistiques contemporaines (CEAAC).